Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Horse Sculpture

The horse sculpture
Beautiful horses
At the corner
Driving to the bank...
Morning view...
Clouds rolling in later in the afternoon..
Today was one of those days. Everywhere I turned, the sky just took my breath away. I might sound as if I am repeating myself, but it is worth noting over and over again that the Colorado skies really are breathtaking. I did the same thing with the ocean, didn't I?? Just a normal day of errands, and I had, to stop. I stopped at the corner, as I made the turn from our house. I stopped as I left our sub-division. I stopped as I drove to the bank. I had the red light long enough to get a pic of the 'horse sculpture'. I love this sculpture of the 5 horses, captured in the breeze, perched on a hill, with the mountains in the background. Stunning!! We have been here for over a year now and this was the first chance I had, where there were no cars going by, (a very busy intersection) the sky was gorgeous, and in a split second, I got it! The mountains looked like there was a spotlight hovering over the snow caps all day. Very dramatic. I had to stop.We are expecting some much needed rain over the next couple of days, and the clouds have rolled in. You can see the progression with the day. Major photo op. Really glad I took the time to stop, even just for a simple 'snap'; gotcha!!!

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