Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Angels, a Do-Over...

'Columbine Angel'
Do-over on top/pink version on bottom
Being 'away' from the drawing board since we moved to Colorado, almost 2 years ago has been a good thing!! I have seen all of my photos w/ a 'new' eye and the proof is in, well, the edits! We had one Columbine plant/flower in the front of the house in Rhode Island. Columbine is the state flower of, (drum-roll please), Colorado!!! I took this pic in the late afternoon w/ that beautiful light hitting this tiny and delicate flower from behind. You can see how  translucent it is, hence, the title 'Columbine Angel'. It  always printed out very 'pink' and some of the contrast was lost. In my mind it was always deeper, I could see the details. However, w/ the new edit, you can really really see what I thought I was looking at all along.

I have made tremendous progress getting ready for the show @ Phelan Gardens, on the 22nd. At the moment 160 cards are, glued, pressed, signed, dated, labeled, and stuffed. They have been added to fill in my inventory. (I have alot of cards!!!) Next up, matting and framing the 5x7's, along w/ listing the 6 new pieces, and the above mentioned, 'do-over' in my Etsy shop, Lilleypics!

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