Thursday, November 14, 2013

World Diabetes Day

It is very very hard to imagine, knowing that your child (relative or friend, adult or child) has Type 1 diabetes and that there is nothing you can do to help save their life because you cannot afford insulin, test strips, a glucometer, let alone the advances of modern technology which we see in the insulin pump, and the soon to arrive, artificial pancreas. They would most certainly die. The cost, even with insurance is costly. Just recently, Edward was presented (yet again) with the idea of the CGM, or the Continuous Glucose Monitor, which sends information to the insulin pump, all in the quest for tighter control of blood sugars. The cost for the new equipment with insurance ( I drive this point home), ran in the thousands of dollars. Would we have signed on? Yes, absolutely, but Edward maintains that he does not want to stick yet another device into his body. The pump requires an infusion site which needs to be changed every 3-4 days, and sometimes it really hurts when he puts it in the side of his body. It is his choice to wear the pump rather than taking multiple shots during the day. The point is, he has a choice. I remember so clearly seeing footage after Katrina hit New Orleans, of a young girl passing out as she slipped away, not having any insulin, and a nurse hollering frantically for some 'Regular Insulin'. They were able to save her life. It can happen quickly. So, all this to say, we acknowledge World Diabetes Day, for all the people, young and old who simply cannot afford or have access to life saving medical supplies. I think now of the Philippines and the many people who are not only suffering because of a natural disaster, but those who may perish because they have no insulin.

We continue to pray for a cure, in whatever shape that takes. Be it the artificial pancreas (another high tech device), one shot of insulin every 6 months or a year, a vaccine, a pill...we'll take it.

I am a diabetes Mom.


Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Amy -- My mother was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in her mid-30s. She micromanaged it so well (and with my dad's help in later years) that she survived with it for just over 50 years. You may know how insane that is for Type 1 (diagnosed when management wasn't nearly what it is today, she never got the pump).

She passed away last June of a heart attack, with all her limbs intact, and just some sight problems. She continually amazed us at how committed she was to living the fullest life possible with an unrelenting disease. Your Katrina comment really hit me because I remember Mom saying "If that happened to me, I'd be a goner." She would have had her insulin, but no way to refrigerate it. People who have to worry about so much should not have to pay for so much either. I hate that a lot of her equipment/medicine wasn't fully covered. It's a shame. I don't know if Obamacare will help in that regard.

I'm sorry I rambled so long! It's just close to me and my family.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Kathy, I remember last year when your Mom passed heart is extremely tender, as my Mom passed away a year ago August. I did not know that your Mom lived w/ Type 1. Joslin Center for Diabetes in Boston, has 'awards', really an acknowledgement for those who have lived w/ diabetes for 25, 50 years. So, yes, I know. The advances just in these past 10 years alone are remarkable and Edward, most thankfully is living to see this in his life time. The pump is a wonder and he is doing great...even w/out the CGM, his #'s and A1C are all good. As you know, not w/out it's struggles or complications. He recently said to me, 'If I never had to do this again, it would be okay', as he put the infusion site into his side.

I am glad to hear (and it shows in YOU) how committed she was to living life @ it's fullest, that she had all her limbs and just some slight problems. I am also glad that you 'rambled on', as it IS home for both of us!!!

Eva PPC said...

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