Friday, January 29, 2016


The Teahouse, from the inside...
Teahouse from the outside....
We have been having a beautiful stretch of weather, although Mr. Weatherman reminds us, do not get too used to it. It is supposed to snow on Monday, allot. In the meantime, seizing the moment, we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens yesterday to catch the Orchid Show. Much better than 'Stinky', the albatross of a plant. What amazed me, per usual, is the incredible variety and color, the full spectrum of the orchids. I enjoyed setting my camera to 'macro' mode and had a field day, as you can see, just snapping away. The challenge for me, and I suppose everyone else who has come through to take pictures, is that the 'background' is a concrete wall. I am certain that their placement was thoroughly thought out, however challenging it has turned out to be for those who have come with camera in tow. Anywho, a little creativity and editing left me with some beautiful pics. 

We did walk around and marveled at the frozen tundra, the Lily Pad pond, the Koi Fish pond, the bountiful herb garden, everything just waiting for Spring, to blossom forth once again. We made the requisite visit to the Teahouse, which I would love to furnish, and permanently reside.  I have made mention of that before, more than once. A girl can dream...

'Beauty of Orchid
Beyond Compare
Petals Soft
And Color pure
Stems Sleek
And Leaves Soft
Beauty of Orchid
 Beyond Compare'
                                                                  poem by Willard Wells


WillOaks Studio said...

What an amazing garden❤️❤️❤️! And a great orchid collection too. I'm also a collector & 'tis the season as many of my orchids will start blooming soon! Best part of winter 😄

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I thought of you the whole time🌺🌸🌺 the Denver Botanic Gardens are a true gift, we go often, and made a special trip to see the Orchid ShowSO glad that you had a look/see🌞🌞🌞