Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reflections 4

February 3, morning after the storm...shadows and light
January sunset, 4:46pm sky...
January sunset, 4:31pm sky...
February after sunset, 5:50pm sky...
February after sunset, 5:37pm sky...
Deep into winter, this series, now, 'Reflections 4', definitely gives the feel of the season. Soft pastels, with some hints of the blazing Colorado sun. We see signs of spring, with the tiniest of buds on the trees and bushes, the days, markedly longer, enjoying some warm temps this week well into the 60's. So much so, sandals and short sleeves yesterday and a long long walk in Cherry Creek State Park. 

I am slowly working on a project with the 'Reflection' series, so for those of you who pray, I would ask, please pray for this handiwork to proceed forward and, which when completed and presented, it be a blessing!!
My shadow, yesterday at the defrosting lake...sweater hanging off my being, making for an interesting shape!

'In the midst of morn she quietly rose
to greet the dawn of silent repose
She searched beyond the frozen hills
and through the bough's of crystal frills
She danced in dream as clouds rolled by
in hopes the sun would pierce the sky 
As moments passed nil of light
the wind kicked up with all it's might
In tumbling turmoil the west winds raged
in fluttering beauty to turn the page 
Within a breath a single sigh
the Winter wrath had waved goodbye
As sunlight burned of velvet white
upon her face a shaft of light... '


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