Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A New Bauble From 'The Puzzle'

I call these lovely baubles, 'Modern Victorian'. I was drawn to the beautiful gold vermeil component. Sometimes, I think that I was born in the wrong era. I love so much of the 'old stuff', antiques, Victorian houses and doorknobs, the exquisite details of days gone by. However, I am aware that we all have different tastes, and that is one lesson I have WELL learned when creating jewelry. So, in this case, with these earrings, the mix of the sleek, simple, strong stem,
mixed with the very detailed vermeil component is a beautiful blend of old and new...hence, 'Modern Victorian'. I am delighted to say that I have my first on-line interview posted today with Raquel Roysdon from Divapreneur. Click here

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Christy DeKoning said...

those are exquisite! brings old keys to mind, too!