Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Lay of the Land...

View from Black Forest Road
Love the surprise beams of light...
Through the Black Forest, the mountain view..
North driving south..
The garden is planted, and with some tweaking here and there, I seem to be off to a good start. It is lovely to see all that green when I come downstairs in the morning, knowing that it will fill out over the next couple of months. With that work behind us, we had a 'free' afternoon yesterday and just took off in the car. I am constantly in awe of the beautiful open spaces, the lush rolling hills with the mountain as a backdrop, midst all the very populated sub-divisions. You really do not have to go far at all to be outside of the populated areas, which is exactly what we did yesterday. We took another route through the Black Forest. The Black Forest, hmmmmm, sounds so ominous, but is quite beautiful. Some hidden, well spaced homes, all with the million dollar view of the mountains.  On the Black Forest road, which cuts through the entire forest, there are some wide open spaces, 'as far as the eye can see'. Breathtaking. To finish the day, a striking sunset, crystal clear light, great photo op. Sadly, the eggs have been stolen from the nest, probably by a bluejay. A great time it was, however, and grateful to have been able to record what I could through the eye of a camera!
Great light last night @ sunset..
8ish, pretty!
The empty nest...sniff sniff

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